"That ranks up there with one of the greatest massage experiences I've ever had. And, I've felt wonderful since--I'm grateful that I've been able to hang onto that feeling of being balanced and relaxed and in a real state of well-being. Many, many thanks. I look forward to our next session &"

A. M.

"Great journey out and back today. Thanks for the talk through afterwards, very worthwhile. My vision is so clear and sharp, and my perception of my surroundings is elevated, after the work. Feel softer, gentler toward myself and my surroundings. Great sense of peace and quiet within my mind."


"I found Nick technically very well grounded and attentive to needs I expressed. The initial massage covered join manipulation and soft tissue work integrated with gentle longer strokes. Two subsequent sessions have consistently left me feeling good and well-cared for after the massage. I'll be calling him again."

J. B.

"Nick has amazing flow and really knows how much pressure to give intuitively. The relaxing tone of his voice puts me at ease from the moment I talk to him. I am proud to say I will be a constant repeat client of his as long as he's in Philadelphia.

D. M.

" &I'm feeing a lightness that I haven't in a long time, and ability to let my lower back and legs relax & I am glad I took my trainers recommendation to go to you for massage."


"Really enjoyed the massage... Helped me get through the rest of a busy week."


"I really enjoyed the massage!!!... The focused massage got rid of the pain... I definitely will come back for another one."


"It indeed helped me get the week started off right. I think it's a good first time experience receiving a massage so I'll definitely continue in the future."