About Groundwork Massage

What is Groundwork?
By taking refuge from the daily stresses of life, with me as your guide, you may seek clarity and awareness of those areas of your body and your life upon which you would like to improve.

This is the process of grounding as I see it: Striving to gently and gradually disconnect from false, superficial sources of support, and to reconnect with the core elements, the core self, and core touch.

The art of Groundwork is the art of grounding myself and assisting you to ground yourself... and if you choose to, to ground yourself so you may assist others, and so on...

Make healthy touch a centerpiece of your journey to self-empowerment. Experience mental and spiritual wellness as your mind releases stress and worry, and your spirit opens to a renewed sense of energetic well-being.

My massages promote:
Emotional Balance
Physical Healing
Improved Digestion
Improved Mobility
Pain Relief
Increased Energy
Improved Circulation
Improved Sleeping Patterns
Stress Reduction
Increased Productivity